We grow grape tomatoes using soilless culture methods in the entire of our modern greenhouse.
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Production & Products  

AKDENÝZ TARIM started growing grape tomatoes of the brand Doctor Tomato targeting exportation. To this end, we will continue production aware of the importance of human and environment health and adhering to the quality level under GLOBALGAP and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Therefore, we have deserved to be granted with Producer’s Certificate for Exports showing our production in line with the Russian Federation, and registering and monitoring of the chemicals used for herbal production. We should not ignore the fact that the percentage of the remnant allowed in the crops by the Russian Federation is lower than in EU countries.

Our qualified staff consisting of 3 technical officers and 20 personnel plays a role in conveying the crops to consumers in state-of-the-art packages in accordance with qualified service conditions embracing and protecting human health.

We never use hormone in production process. Bumblebees are used for fertilization, and production process is totally carried out through natural ways.

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